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CadMouse Pro

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CadMouse Pro

CadMouse Pro

Purpose-built for Professionals

The ultimate ergonomic mouse for CAD professionals

CadMouse Pro is the industry-acclaimed purpose-built mouse specifically suited for design and engineering professionals. Featuring superior ergonomics, a dedicated middle mouse button and a high resolution optical sensor, the full-size wired mouse offers exceptional comfort and precision.

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Professional Ergonomic Design

Purpose-built for supremely comfortable use over long CAD sessions, CadMouse Pro feels completely organic, with ergonomic features creating an experience that greatly reduces the muscle and tendon discomfort frequently encountered during long CAD sessions.

The Button for CAD Professionals

The middle mouse button is designed specifically for CAD users who require a third button to access their application functions. Using less force than a scroll wheel click, the middle mouse button is ideal for CAD applications.

More Comfort, Less Strain

Designed with an angled shape, CadMouse Pro creates a more natural hand posture, reducing the muscle and tendon discomfort frequently encountered with traditional mice.

The Ideal Thumb Rest

Complementing its slanted shape, the incurvated thumb rest gives thumbs an ergonomically natural place to hold onto the mouse and easy access to its side buttons.

Concave Button Shape

The three main buttons of CadMouse Pro offer a concave design, sculpted to guild the fingertips to their ideal positioning, for an organic, natural feel.

A Natural Extension of the Hand

The combination of ergonomic design features and intelligent software come together in a full-size mouse to create an organically connected workflow you can feel.

Optical Sensor
Poll Rate


High Precision & Performance

The precision optical sensor without zero smoothing, acceleration or filtering, a high polling rate of 1000 Hz and specially developed polytetrafluoroethylene (PFTE) feet combine to create the most precise mouse for the CAD professional’s daily working needs.


50 Million Clicks
3 Years Warranty


Durability to Last

The average CAD user clicks thousands of times during a standard workday.

CadMouse Pro is designed to handle over 50 million clicks to its main buttons, giving users mechanical longevity a CAD professional should expect from a premium CAD product. Low friction, wear resistant polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) feet give CadMouse Pro smooth, precision movements long after the average mouse.

A 3-year warranty combined with built-to-last design means CAD professionals will experience years of high-quality CadMouse Pro use.


Smart Mouse Wheel 2

Professional Scroll & Zoom Navigation in CAD

CAD professionals need to zoom in-and-out of 3D environments with precision, and an ability to scroll through long documents with control and efficiency during a fast-paced workday. Thanks to improved 3DxWare 10 Software, conveniently located QuickZoom buttons, and an advanced Smart Mouse Wheel 2, CAD users will experience meticulous control of their drawings and 3D images, and easy document navigation tailored to their needs.

Smart Scroll Wheel 2

Adjustable smart scrolling speed with inertia in documents and browsers is ideal for working in many-paged documents, allowing the user to find specific pages quickly and easily.


The QuickZoom feature is easy to use; simply press the thumb buttons to zoom in and out of the cursor’s position in your drawing or 3D model; fine tune the zoom level by continuing to keep the corresponding button pressed.

Radial Menu with 4 sections
Radial Menu with 8 sections

Easy Access to Application Commands

Clicking the top button behind the Smart Scroll Wheel 2 opens an application or environment-specific radial menu, giving CAD users access to their favourite commands with a simple mouse gesture. 3DxWare 10 software allows custom radial menus for each CAD environment.

Customer Story

CadMouse improves workflow at Audi

The mouse supports the Class A engineers at Audi in their demanding tasks


Single driver. Multiple devices.

3DxWare 10 is the single driver foundation for all 3Dconnexion devices. Its simple, yet powerful interface makes it easy to individualize all your 3Dconnexion products for peak performance.

Learn more about 3DxWare 10

Technical Specifications

Main Features

7 buttons
Full-size ergonomic design
High resolution sensor
Smart Mouse Wheel 2
Specially developed PTFE feet
Customizable radial menu


High resolution optical sensor: 7,200 DPI
Polling rate: 1.000Hz



Download  3Dconnexion CadMouse Pro Manual


Dedicated middle mouse button
Main buttons with 50 million clicks mechanical life
5 buttons programmable

Dimensions & Weight

Length: 126 mm / 5.0”
Width: 74 mm / 2.9”
Height: 44 mm / 1.7”
Weight: 110 g / 0.24 lb / 3,88 oz


3-year limited hardware warranty
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Package Contents

3Dconnexion CadMouse Pro

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft® Windows, macOS
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Certifications & Registrations

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When combined, the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse, Keyboard Pro with Numpad and CadMouse create a synergistic ecosystem that simply cannot be recreated using a regular mouse and keyboard. Use our Kit configurator to customize your personal 3Dconnexion desktop solution.

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