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SpaceMouse® Module

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SpaceMouse® Module

3D joystick for industrial and medical devices

The SpaceMouse Module is the ideal man-machine interface. Beneath the ergonomic controller cap is a precise, optoelectronic measuring system that converts movements on up to six axes into electrical signals.
These are transformed into Cartesian coordinates (X,Y,Z,A,B,C) and sent to the required application via a CANopen, UART (serial) or USB interface. Up to 700 measuring steps on each axis assure excellent linear precision.


The SpaceMouse® Module is available exclusively at MEGATRON and its distribution partners.


The right choice for various industries

The slimline mounting depth of the SpaceMouse Module makes it the ideal choice for many industrial applications, from laboratories to production plants, for example in the robotics and automation sector. The controller cap is exceptionally robust and durable so the SpaceMouse Module meets all the requirements in the IP54 protection class, including resistance to dust and splashes of water. It also operates independently of ageing, temperature and static magnetic fields.

Robotics – Inspection – RC Controller

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KUKA smartPAD - Simple robot jogging with SpaceMouse Module

KUKA - Robots & Automation
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Programming KUKA Robot with KUKA ready2_pilot

KUKA - Robots & Automation
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Navigation of system for sewer & pipeline inspection

Kummert Easy HD
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Joystick functionality at equipment for live event and video production

OM Solutions
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Up to 6DoF for RC Input

SpaceMouse Module and RadioMaster TX16S

Medical – Surgery

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RoboticScope - Navigaton of microscope at surgery

BHS Technologies
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Micromate™ with 2-Axis Navigation

Interventional Systems
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Four arms navigation for three fully articulated instruments and one endoscope

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SpaceMouse in medical application


Technical Specifications


Max. Ø cap:
Vertical operating force:
Horizontal operating force:
Vertical displacement:
Horizontal displacement:
Twist and tilt angle:
52.2 mm
Ø53.8 mm
60 g
11.0 N
7.4 N
171 Nmm
1.5 mm (0.06 in)
1.5 mm (0.06 in)


Power supply:

Data rate:
+3.3 to +5.5 V / max. 10 mA (serial)
5 V +-10% / 20 mA (USB)
10 bit
100 / s


Available interfaces

UART (serial)

Operating conditions

Operating temperature:
Storage temperature:
IP Class:
0 °C to 50 °C
-30 °C to 70 °C
EN61000-4-3 (10V,10V/m)
EN61000-4-2 / Level 4


Data sheet

DownloadDownload SpaceMouse® Module data sheet (MEGATRON)

Megatron Logo

Our partner for SpaceMouse® Module solutions

MEGATRON Engineering


MEGATRON assists industrial customers from the initial idea to its final implementation:

•  Mechanical and software customizations
•  Samples and rapid prototyping
•  In-house modification and production
•  Emphasis on preventive and fail-safe measures of quality control


MEGATRON and its partners exclusively offer standard and customized versions of the SpaceMouse® Module.

MEGATRON WEBSITE   Distribution partners


Industrial solutions using SpaceMouse® product line

The 3Dconnexion product line can highly facilitate input options in the industrial or medical environment.
Their advanced features and customization options open up numerous usage possibilities that respond to exigent industry needs.

All models come with six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) either offered simultaneously, or through reduced and dedicated DoF channels and button functions. This way they can be used as user-friendly finger joystick for various purposes.

Examples from different industries

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Universal Robot moved by SpaceMouse Compact

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Guidoo - Navigation and button functionality for the robotic surgical assistant

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Shape and roughness measurement at the University Clinic for Dentistry Graz

Bruker Alicona
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Sectra Medical imaging supported by SpaceMouse Pro

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Control KUKA iiwa wirelessly using the SpaceMouse Wireless


Get in touch for additional information on the 3Dconnexion product line based on raw data input.

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